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What is  the Storm Network?

We are a social enterprise working to find new and innovative ways of improving peoples lives and supporting local communities. Unfortunately the society we live in today has many issues ranging from racial discrimination, social isolation, lack of income, lack of opportunities and many  others that are impacting a significant number of people. These can often result in people undergoing high levels of stress, anxiety and even mental illness that further impacts people and our society negatively.  As a social enterprise designed to provide support and services to vulnerable people, our goal is to research and develop new ways to improve the living situation of people here in Britain.

Our Work in the Community

The Storm Network is constantly identifying the areas within the community that might benefit from our intervention. Since we are a Not for Profit organisation we look at sources of funding available to us via grants, donations etc. and then work on projects that have clear goals and are feasible to deliver. We are newly formed group and are building our capacity to deliver projects that positively impact the lives of those most in need.  Our current services are shown below.

Online Care Support service is designed to address many of issues regarding social isolation and social support in a cost-efficient and effective manner, through increased individual capability, use of available technology, along with the provision of relevant support services delivered in an online form.


Our Legal Support Service is designed to provide legal support to vulnerable individuals who are struggling to manage legal issues.  This might include  issues of health and well-being, employment, education, or family matters.


The Community Kitchen Workshop is designed to provide the opportunity for local people to improve the quality of food service in deprived areas, implement a healthier option delivery service and take part in running their own business, with support, along with other graduates of the program. 


Latest News

We are currently recruiting volunteers for our Community Kitchen Project.  We have numerous roles available, so please contact us  if you would like to  register or join the project .

Click here for roles


We  recently have new board members who joined the Storm Global Network, this will help build the future of the organisation.  There are currently five members that make up the Board.  For more information on the members please go to the About Us  page or click here.


If you are keen to help support STORM initiatives and work in the community, please go to our Just Giving Page to make a contribution.

Donate  & support STORM 

Community Organisations

If you are searching for organisations that  work in the space of community development and provide support to people who have  great ideas, here is a link to get you going in the Leeds region.


There is nothing more important  than the environment we live in. So we at Storm advocate everyone to do their best to minimize their carbon footprint.  Take steps to reduce your waste, stop purchasing one off plastic bags, reuse old clothes, source organic environmentally friendly food.   Each step counts.

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STORM is committed to raising £5,000,000 for good causes click here to help us fulfill our mission.