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The Community Kitchen - LEEDS (Workshop)

The Community Kitchen Workshop is designed to provide the opportunity for local people to improve the quality of food service in deprived areas, implement a healthier option delivery service and take part in running their own business, with support, along with other graduates of the program. 

What you get...

1. Learn Commercial Cooking Techniques

2. Get your Health and Hygiene Certificate


3. Learn about Nutrition

4. Get Free Business Support and Training

5. Start Your Own Food Service

Proposed Outcomes

1. Healthier option food service serving low income families, vulnerable individuals and others.

2. Reduce food poverty in the community

3. Provide new training and enterprise opportunity

4. Improve healthy eating education and food preparation skills

Who is it for?

You should be interested in food, service and helping the community, be 18+, Leeds based and able to work with the program for at least 12 months, one day weekly.

Where will it happen?

The workshop will take place once a week locally in Leeds.

Registered applicants will receive details and start dates at a later stage.

When is the launch?

We are currently registering candidates for all volunteer roles for the program and expect workshops to commence in the next two months.

What do I  need to do?

Please visit the registration page by following the link below: 

CKL Workshop Registration