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(DCAS)Digital Currency Account Service 

The Future In Your Hands...

Populations in many countries around the world are suffering for one simple reason, they lack liquidity. What is liquidity? Liquidity is the circulation of an accepted usage or currency of exchange which the populations and country’s administration can utilize to purchase goods and services.
Even though all countries have their own currency, there are limitations and restrictions in regards to the distribution and allocation of that currency as in the main it is tied to the GDP of that country and valued against the currencies of more powerful countries. In that respect, a national currency becomes a political tool which can also be weaponized by others.

A lack of liquidity affects economies and societies negatively and critically right across the board. Crime and criminal conduct is rife. The prevalence of violence. People are unable to properly feed and house themselves or educate their children. Governments are unable to develop infrastructure or advance research. The list is endless and we can see this play out in many, many countries around the world.

The benefit of having an independent or alternative currency in place, even where a new monetary system may be designed and implemented, is as a back up or safety net to ensure that a certain level of liquidity remains throughout the region and its populations, in both good times and bad.

Its primary function is to allow populations and even administrations to better meet their needs.

The independent currency can also be used to fund new projects that provide employment as well as research and development, which is a key area for advancing nations. It also reduces the need to rely on natural resources or IMF loans or even foreign investment.

The implementation of an independent currency is cost effective, efficient and smart in fact it is almost a prerequisite for this new world that we live in.

If you think that your economy would benefit from an independent currency, simply complete the online form below to get started.


Poverty exists in every country in the world. It is a blight on our society and a drain on the economy, an embarrassment to governments and very painful for those affected. The good news is, poverty can be eradicated. China lifted over 800 million people out of poverty... It is time to imagine what you could do and do it.


To be successful as a farmer, whether in agriculture, dairy or livestock, you need land, fencing, equipment, fertilizer, seed, workers and on... Bottom line, you need money. An independent currency can provide farmers with the funds they need, when they need it, without the worry and stress of repayment.


With an independent currency in place, research and development can be put at the heart of an economy... Creating swathes of new employment roles more relevant to the changing times.


We all know it takes money to make money. But often times much  creativity and productivity will go to waste or never be realized due to the lack of financial support... How advanced would our societies be  if this valuable resource did not go to waste?


A good education is a wonderful thing, but in these times you have to firstly be able to afford one.


Technology has advanced our societies in many positive ways and will no doubt continue to do so, but without the the available fuel of capital liquidity, the world would remain stagnant or maybe even revert to a more primitive state... 

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