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Why not volunteer?

Volunteering can be very rewarding and can even improve your job and career prospects no matter what your situation or profession.

In-home Computer Trainer (ICT )

Volunteer Training and Experience

Gone are the days when a volunteer just worked in a charity shop or mowed someone's lawn.

Volunteering today provides a range of new opportunities for anyone of any age or background and in most case you will receive FREE certified training for your role and you will only be required to work 4- 6 hours a week.

By helping others, you also help yourself...

Helping others can give you a great feeling.

Not for money, not for fame, but because they need it and you can do it.

By helping others, you also help yourself and you might just find that your life also improves and becomes much richer.

Working for a better world...

You will also gain new experience, make new friends and have fun.

Check out the exciting opportunities listed below.

You'll be glad you did.

Fundraiser Collectors (FC)

STORM is a Community Interest Company which provides support and services to vulnerable people .

We work in such spaces as Social Isolation, Affordable Housing, Access to Justice, Youth issues, Windrush Assistance and more...

Our new fundraising initiative calls for trustworthy individuals to work at pre-arranged locations to collect funds for good causes.

Equipment and training provided.

People friendly, enthusiastic individuals of any age or background.

Must live in the Leeds area.

Individual Finance Assistant (IFA)

The Individual Finance Assistance Service is designed to provide low income households with guidance and assistance on financial matters where needed. 

The service can include anything from assisting an individual or family with developing a financial plan, debt management strategy or savings and investment planning.

This is an on-line service which is provided free for anyone in need of support.

IFAs can come from any background but should ideally have an interest in social economics, accounting and investment strategies or helping others to manage their finances.

All IFAs will be required to complete a free online training course in finance fundamentals and may also be required to complete a DBS certificate.

If you think you qualify and are interested in this role, please get in touch for consideration.

Must have own computer and good internet research skills.

Community Support Outreach (CSO)

You will be engaged to provide support and assistance to vulnerable people in a variety of situations such assisting with paper work and forms or computer use or just as someone to share ideas with.

You operate in an official capacity and will need to complete safeguarding and diversity training.

This is an interesting and varied role which provides opportunities for new experiences and interactions.

Reimbursable expenses: Local travel £5.00 Lunch allowance £5.00

Online Care Assistant Volunteer (OCA)

The role of the On-Line Care Assistance volunteer or Support Worker is to provide personal and moral support on any issue, assist with matters of individual wellbeing, and provide the beneficiary with an opportunity to maintain sustained independent living and wellbeing.

As a general description, the (OCA’s) role encompasses everything from just being a good friend to an informed facilitator.

Applicants should be able to commit to 4-6 hours monthly for a 12 month period and ideally happy to undertake any further training or relevant courses.

Individual Needs Assessment Volunteer (INAV)

INAVs will be provided with the appropriate training in care planning for them to produce an Individual Needs Plan for the beneficiary as well as perform follow up visits to evaluate and review progress.

Must have own computer

Training includes:

Care planning and record keeping - 2 Hours On-Line

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults - 3 Hours On-Line

Equality and Diversity Training - 2 Hours On-Line

DBS certification On-Line

Legal Support Representative (LSR)

As a Legal Support Representative (LSR) you will be able to become involved in civil law research and casework on behalf of individuals and vulnerable people in matters of Civil and Social cases.

Law graduate or student looking to gain experience or keen to expand their knowledge and practice of civil procedure.

Any other qualified professional interested in Civil Law and Social Casework.


Self-motivated person able to supervise and manage all aspects of the project.

The successful applicants will work directly with the Project Director to ensure deliverables fall within the applicable scope and budget.

You will coordinate with other Directors and volunteers to ensure all aspects of the project is delivered in the most efficient way and assist with recruitment of key volunteer roles as well as formulating the process for accepting beneficiary volunteers.

We are looking for creative and dedicated individuals who will fit with our collaborative culture. The role requires a commitment of 4-6 hours a week for up to 12 months. Single parents, students, unemployed, low income or ex-offender, all welcome to apply. 

No age or cultural background restrictions. 18+ Leeds based

Training courses for this role are as follows:

DBS Certificate 

Equality and Diversity Certificate 

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults and Children 

Project Management Course 


Ideally applicants should be of professional level standard with formal training qualifications in cooking.

Cooking course graduates to experienced chefs all welcome to apply.

You will be required to work 4-6 hours one day each week providing hands-on training in commercial cooking skills and kitchen management to beneficiary volunteers from the local community.

The course runs for twelve weeks and a minimum of three applicants will be engaged.

18+ Leeds based


The Videographer role is to digitally record the project. This includes each of the training sessions, interviews with beneficiary volunteers, events and any appointed meetings.

This is a fun and exciting role. Applicants should have good camera skills and are encouraged to improve through online tutorials that are available on Youtube and other sites.

The role requires a commitment of 4-6 hours a week for up to 12 months. Single parents, students, unemployed, low income or ex-offender, all welcome to apply. No age or cultural background restrictions. 18+ Leeds based


As the Volunteer Recruitment Manager you will plan and implement on and offline strategies and campaigns to recruit suitable volunteers for available opportunities and roles.

The ideal candidate will have commercial recruitment experience and be happy to work on own initiative as well as part of a team.

You will be required to work 4-6 hours weekly as an ongoing assignment.

You will be working from home. Must have own computer

Single parents, students, unemployed, low income or ex-offender, all welcome to apply. No age or cultural background restrictions. 18+ Can be located anywhere.