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Who are we?

STORM Global Network CIC is a social enterprise organization formally registered in 2018.  It  has a  vision to provide innovative support services designed to address social issues impacting vulnerable people  while improving the lives and overall well being of  communities and society as a whole.   STORM CIC is a secular, non religious, non political, egalitarian organization that does not discriminate on the grounds of gender, race, colour, ethnic or national origin, sexuality, disability, religious or political belief, marital status or age.  We comprise of people from all walks of life and aim to make a positive difference in the lives of people that need our help the most.  

If you are keen to join STORM to contribute in some capacity, please click here to see the current opportunities available.

Rouba Sayed Hasan

Executive Director

Rouba has worked internationally in many roles while utilising both her MA in Education and her Msc. in Project management to best effect while working with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees. She has also represented organizations in international conferences, roundtables, donor visits, meeting EU commissioners and ambassadors, and leading focus groups with beneficiaries and donor representatives. She also has extensive experience of working with vulnerable groups in low socio-economic communities

Croesus Delta

Executive Director

Croesus comes from a professional legal background and has worked with many of the top law firms, internationally on both civil litigation and corporate cases. He has been active in the Not for Profit sector for many years, previously engaged as a Trustee/Director of CIA UK 2009 - 2014, a Not for Profit organization which enabled disadvantaged people to access free legal support in matters of civil and social cases. Currently active in the design and implementation of innovative and strategic community support programs.

Adelaide Morgan

Executive Director

An Executive and Non-Executive Director with vast experience in the Public, Private and Third sectors working successfully with public grant funding bodies; government; corporates and non-restrictive funding bodies with entrepreneurial skills. I have extensive experiences and knowledge in Governance; Change management; Strategic planning; Grant winning; Project/programme development & implementation; Partnership working and commitment to social justice. 

Phil De Caux

Management Director

Extensive project and programme management experience in commercial and public sectors, more recently in traditional and Agile project management. Currently working in Retail heading up the digital transformation portfolio teams, supporting the Digital Board in defining both long term and shorter term strategic plans. Defining and implementing new ways of working, engaging with and reporting to a wide range of stakeholders.

Elizabeth Koros

Director of Finance

Jayes Kolawole

Director - Strategic Funding Plans

" Experience in fundraising strategy & innovation plan, problem solving and project - A well determined and motivated person, demonstrated success in academics and as a project manager in oil & gas, manufacturing for 17 years in heavily regulated industries, Education achievement in Bachelor and Master degree in engineering, started volunteering and charity experience during my MCS degree as President of African Society Teesside University 2006-2007,Director of project and Social Secretary(National Association of Nigerian Communities UK) to manage and lead various projects and funding scope liaising with various funding organization and Local councils, working with various non-profit organization group to work together on common goals and issues that affects the community. My new role as a Director at STORM is to work with other colleagues Directors to achieve the aims and goals of STORM"

Michelle Clarke


Management . Research . Strategic Planning. Leadership

SuryaChand P 

Director of Technology (DOT)

Tech Addict | Entrepreneur | Exceptional Talent Visa Holder | Mentor | Speaker

Focusing on Deep Tech and Consumer Tech to leverage technological contribution for humanity.

Holder of Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa given to World Leaders in Digital Technology and by Tech Nation of UK. Expertise area: Artificial Intelligence (Machine and Deep Learning) ,AR/VR.