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Who are we?

STORM Global Network (SGN)is a social enterprise organisation formed in 2017.  It  has a  vision to provide innovative support services designed to address social issues impacting vulnerable people  while improving the lives and overall well being of  communities and society as a whole.   SGN is a secular, non religious, non political organisation that does not discriminate on the grounds of gender, race, colour, ethnic or national origin, sexuality, disability, religious or political belief, marital status or age.  We comprise of people from all walks of life and aim to make a positive difference in the lives of people that need our help the most.  

If you are keen to join SGN and contribute in some capacity, please click here to see the current opportunities available.


Croesus Delta

Mr. Delta comes from a professional legal background and has worked with many of the top law firms, internationally on both civil litigation and corporate cases.  He has been active in the Not for Profit sector for many years, previously engaged as a Trustee/Director of CIA UK 2009 - 2014, a Not for Profit organization which enabled disadvantaged people to access free legal support in matters of civil and social cases. Currently Trustee/Director and acting Chairman of STORM Global Network .

Anukool Sathu

Anukool Sathu, studied Engineering at University of Auckland and then worked within the IT sector in NZ & Australia for a few years. He then embarked on a journey to follow his true passion of working with people in the field of international development.  After completing his Masters in International Relations and Human Rights, he spent a year with NGO's in Nepal and Thailand working on capability building programmes for underprivileged people and refugees in the poorer regions of Asia.  He has gone on to become a Diversity & Inclusion specialist with many years of experience as a practitioner and leader within the public sector.  He is currently based in the UK and is keen to use his skills to help the most vulnerable in our societies.

Rouba Sayed Hasan

Rouba has worked internationally in many roles while utilising both her MA in Education and her Msc. in Project management to best effect while working with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees.  She has also represented organizations in international conferences, roundtables, donor visits, meeting EU commissioners and ambassadors, and leading focus groups with beneficiaries and donor representatives. She also has extensive experience of working with vulnerable groups in low socio-economic communities

Joy Salaja

Joy is a qualified Chartered Accountant who current holds a position with Ernst and Young but is very keen to give something back and make an impact on the inequalities that she sees in our societies.   She has been very active in the EY Toastmasters Club and as a Trustee/Director with STORM, is very passionate about making a positive impression on the growth and development of this organisation while working to make a difference. 

Karina Hussain


A flexible, conscientious, professional with many years experience within a variety of organisations. 

Currently focussed on ensuring all compliance criteria is adhered to and meets the required standards.

SuryaChand P 


Tech Addict | Entrepreneur | Exceptional Talent Visa Holder | Mentor | Speaker

Focusing on Deep Tech and Consumer Tech to leverage technological contribution for humanity.

Holder of Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa given to World Leaders in Digital Technology and by Tech Nation of UK. Expertise area: Artificial Intelligence (Machine and Deep Learning) ,AR/VR.